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Josh Ritchie is a born performer. Ever since he could stand he's had a guitar in his hands and songs in his bones. Now a captivating performer, Ritchie commands the stage with the confidence of a seasoned front man. From the minute this kid walks on stage it’s obvious he was meant to be there. To put Ritchie’s sound in a box is no easy task. His unique storytelling rock and roll is always evolving. An artist who is equally comfortable in the studio as he is on stage, Ritchie blends the classic traditions of the music-making process with the convenience and accessibility of modern technology to create a refreshing timelessness. As a young and ambitious person of colour, Ritchie quickly became fascinated with the relationship between art and activism. He now takes pride in weaving themes of topical social issues into his work. In 2021, Ritchie released a self-titled EP about his journey in Black Rights Activism. Josh Ritchie is a complex and exciting up-and-coming artist. His commitment to artistic integrity, larger-than-life stadium rock energy and significant musical chops combine to make Ritchie an act you simply can’t miss. 

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