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Josh Ritchie is a born performer. Ever since he could stand he's had a guitar in his hands and songs in his bones. As a performer he's eclectic, charming and captivating. As a songwriter he's poignant, elegant and shows a wisdom beyond his humble years. Ritchie admires music with purpose, and, as a young and ambitious person of colour, he takes pride in weaving themes of topical social issues into his work. He believes that artists have a duty to attempt to drive our culture to be more accepting and encouraging. This combined with Ritchie's infectious charisma and significant musical chops make him a complex artistic entity that will leave you wanting more. His unique brand of story-driven art-rock will move you, inspire you and, most importantly, have you dancing and singing along. In Ritchie’s young career he’s hit many significant achievements both on and off the stage. He has released two successful albums independently, the first being featured in the CBC Searchlight Top 100 list; the second going on to get features on “CBC Ontario Morning” and the “Key of C,” as well as being streamed tens of thousands of times internationally. Ritchie’s live show has gained traction very quickly with headlining sets at the Bracebridge Hall, The Dakota Tavern and Heartwood Hall and sold out shows at the Cameron House and Lee’s Palace in Toronto. Ritchie’s commitment to artistic integrity combined with his larger-than-life stadium rock energy make him an exhilarating up-and-coming act that you won’t want to miss. 

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