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CBC Ontario Morning Live Interview

Church of Marc - Music Podcast

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Josh Ritchie shares. “However, it’s not meant to be sad; it’s meant to be a hopeful record that people who care about this kinda stuff can listen to when they feel alone or feel like giving up.

“This record is for all of us who feel,” he continues, and “to remind us that there actually is some love even at the end of the world.

-Record World International Magazine

"These are songs of togetherness, equality, empathy and, of course, love,” the Toronto singer-songwriter says. But there’s more to the disc than that. “With this record I opened up about more serious topics. A number of songs are directly influenced by my experience organizing and leading a Black Lives Matter event, but another theme of my writing was dealing with the fact that as a young person we are inheriting a broken and burning world and we are forced to be the generation to stand up and do something about it."

- Darryl Sterdan - Tinnitist 

- Darryl Sterdan - Tinnitist 

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This new offering is as much an inner dialogue as it is a collection of songs. It’s a sign of Ritchie’s growth as a songwriter – he’s aiming for the greats he admires and flexing his lyrical strength.

Jesse Wilkinson - Rrampt magazine 2021


-Laura Conning, Route 26 ON 2021

"You can hear the emotion and power in his voice, combined with catchy melodies, lyrical and dreamy guitar work, and sweeping drum grooves on his first album, Louder, released in 2019.  Josh is a natural songwriter, creating songs that hook you and keep you wanting more.  I get Hozier vibes mixed with U2, and a unique quality of rock storytelling.  I can’t wait to see him perform live sometime, because you can hear the intensity in his words.  I love when you can hear that someone truly means the lyrics they are singing."

"His voice is ever present. It's always right in your ear, especially on the quieter tracks. He retains this intimacy even on tracks like A Song of Searching Voices, when he's nearly shouting to the heavens, and on Rose when he's singing lead on top of subtle layered harmonies."

- Andy Elliott, Rrampt Winter 2020

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