CBC Ontario Morning Live Interview

This new offering is as much an inner dialogue as it is a collection of songs. It’s a sign of Ritchie’s growth as a songwriter – he’s aiming for the greats he admires and flexing his lyrical strength.

Jesse Wilkinson - Rrampt magazine 2021


- Andy Elliott, Rrampt Winter 2020

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"This is the type of track that you put on to make you feel better in our troubled times." 

-Indie Rock Cafe

"Louder is an original collection of relatable, lyrical themes that point to an artistic maturity beyond Ritchie’s years. His lyrics, sometimes poignant, sometimes care-free, are always poetic. This gifted songwriter’s words will stay with the listener long after the final track."

- Owen Sound Hub


-Laura Conning, Route 26 ON 2021


"You can hear the emotion and power in his voice, combined with catchy melodies, lyrical and dreamy guitar work, and sweeping drum grooves on his first album, Louder, released in 2019.  Josh is a natural songwriter, creating songs that hook you and keep you wanting more.  I get Hozier vibes mixed with U2, and a unique quality of rock storytelling.  I can’t wait to see him perform live sometime, because you can hear the intensity in his words.  I love when you can hear that someone truly means the lyrics they are singing."

"His voice is ever present. It's always right in your ear, especially on the quieter tracks. He retains this intimacy even on tracks like A Song of Searching Voices, when he's nearly shouting to the heavens, and on Rose when he's singing lead on top of subtle layered harmonies."

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