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Josh Ritchie is a born performer. Ever since he could stand he's had a guitar in his hands and songs in his bones. As a performer he's eclectic, charming and captivating. As a songwriter he's poignant, elegant and shows a wisdom beyond his humble years. Ritchie admires music with purpose, and, as a young and ambitious person of colour, he takes pride in weaving themes of topical social issues into his work. He believes that all artists have a duty to attempt to drive our culture to be more accepting and encouraging. This combined with Ritchie's infectious charisma and significant musical chops make him a complex artistic entity that will leave you wanting more. His unique brand of story driven art-rock will move you, inspire you and, most importantly, have you dancing and singing along. Fresh off the release of his second studio album "Love at the End of the World" with two successful launch concerts in Owen Sound and Toronto. The album has gone on to be featured on the likes of Cashbox Radio, Roots Music Canada and the CBC.


"These are songs of togetherness, equality, empathy and, of course, love,” the Toronto singer-songwriter says. But there’s more to the disc than that. “With this record I opened up about more serious topics. A number of songs are directly influenced by my experience organizing and leading a Black Lives Matter event, but another theme of my writing was dealing with the fact that as a young person we are inheriting a broken and burning world and we are forced to be the generation to stand up and do something about it."


- Darryl Sterdan - Tinnitist 

"You can hear the emotion and power in his voice, combined with catchy melodies, lyrical and dreamy guitar work, and sweeping drum grooves on his first album, Louder, released in 2019.  Josh is a natural songwriter, creating songs that hook you and keep you wanting more.  I get Hozier vibes mixed with U2, and a unique quality of rock storytelling.  I can’t wait to see him perform live sometime, because you can hear the intensity in his words.  I love when you can hear that someone truly means the lyrics they are singing."

-Laura Conning, Route 26 ON 2021

CBC Ontario Morning Live Interview

Sept. 1


Sauble Beach Night Party, Sauble Beach

Jul. 20


Dakota Tavern w/ Stephen James Orr and Paige Warner, Toronto

Jun. 22


"Our Roots are Showing"

Grey Roots Museum, Owen Sound

Mar. 3


Bracebridge Hall, Bracebridge

Feb. 25


Mainsheet, Lionshead

Jan. 15


Onyx w/ Loviet, Guelph

15 Dec.


The Cameron House, Toronto ON (Sold Out)

Oct. 8


"Love at the End of the World" Album Release.

Lee's Palace, Toronto

(Sold Out)

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