Josh Ritchie - EP

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Canadian singer-songwriter Josh Ritchie releases new music this summer with an EP in preparation of his second album Love At the End of the World. 


In a three track sneak peak of what’s to come, Ritchie displays a new level of maturity to his award-winning songwriting with songs inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement that call for change and deal with the wealth of emotions that come with standing up for equality. 


It was the act of leading a Black Lives Matter march in his home town of Wiarton, Ontario that inspired Ritchie to begin writing this body of work. He combined themes of leading a protest with the raw and ugly emotions surrounding systemic racism and police brutality into a thought-provoking trilogy of songs. The very protestors who marched in solidarity to support the Black Lives Matter movement can be heard in the dying embers of the record. Without that experience this EP would never have been written. These songs are set to release on the one year anniversary of the event with the hopes of continuing the narrative and fostering change.  


Ritchie has always admired music with a strong message. With influences like U2, Hozier, Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon, Ritchie learned to love and appreciate a good protest song. He believes that art helps drive culture and it can even go on to define a generation. He believes that artists of all genres have a duty to help fuel that culture to be more accepting and understanding. This EP is his own humble attempt to help do so. 


Fans of Ritchie’s music will know of his poignant, moving lyrics delivered by his charming and intimate vocals, and they should expect nothing less here. He articulates the cascading emotions of this record with bone-chilling accuracy as he leads you on a journey from painful outrage to triumphant hopefulness all while making one thing absolutely clear: Black Lives Matter. 


Josh Ritchie - LOUDER - Album Cover 3000

Josh Ritchie, a gifted songwriter, performer and multi-instrumentalist, released his debut album Louder in a sold out concert in his home town of Wiarton, Ontario on August 24th, 2019. 


Ritchie is a talented entity in the studio.  The up-and-coming 20-year old has worn many hats throughout the recording process, from engineer to co-producer, to being his own studio band using his abilities with modern recording techniques. 


In addition to being well-versed on a wide variety of instruments, Ritchie is also blessed with a substantial vocal range.  This, combined with his background in classical and choral music have resulted in some beautiful multi-tracked harmonies that soar and orchestrate his songs with a rich sonic tapestry.  


Having grown up in a musical family, Josh has a wide array of musical influences from Bach to Queen which are reflected in his writing and arrangements.  Whether it be a tender ballad with choral accompaniment set to a bluesy groove or an epic rock anthem that grows to a full orchestral climax, Ritchie’s songs range from an intimate whisper to boisterous roar. 


Louder is an original collection of relatable, lyrical themes that point to an artistic maturity beyond Ritchie’s years. His lyrics, sometimes poignant, sometimes care-free, are always poetic. This gifted songwriter’s words will stay with the listener long after the final track.